Matthew Smith: Catalogue Raisonne of the Oil Paintings

Matthew Smith: Catalogue Raisonne of the Oil Paintings

2009 Book: A Catalogue Raisonne of the Oil Paintings of Matthew Smith 1879-1959, published by Lund Humphries.

Matthew Smith (1879-1959) was one of the most well-known British painters in the first half of the twentieth century. He trained at the Slade School before moving to France in 1908, where he attended the Atelier Matisse. He spent much of his time working in France between the wars, as well as an extensive period in Cornwall. Initially influenced by Fauvist painting, he evolved a richly intuitive and painterly style. Employing an alla prima technique, he painted thickly and fluently – his combination of sensual form and colour, particularly in his nudes, has been likened to the work of Delacroix.

This volume provides, for the first time, a complete catalogue of the oil paintings by Matthew Smith from 1905 to 1957 together with a substantial critical reappraisal of the artist’s work. Gledhill situates the artist in the context of modernism and his Bloomsbury peers and the London Group. Provenance, exhibition catalogues and literature are brought together in extensively researched entries, and the majority of the paintings are illustrated. Four colour plate sections showcase the glowing colours and textures that typified Smith’s work.

2003 The British Art Journal, Vol. IV, p97.  Article: ‘Matthew Smith’s Experience of War and its effect on his Cornish Landscapes of 1920′.

The article describes how the experience of war influenced the landscape paintings of English landscape painter Matthew Smith in 1920. It is suggested that the violently experimental manner of their execution belies starkly the traditional theme of their subject-matter. It was observed that the development in his works began shortly after he left the Slade School of Fine Art and moved to France in 1908 as evidenced by the Cornish landscapes. Psychoanalysis was also used in analyzing the strength and depth of feeling inherent in his paintings.